llongwill®Automatic Control Switch
The control for external device based on sensor signals

llongwill®Automatic Control Actuator
Executing the instructions of the program based on sensor signals

llongwill®Sensor Control Circuit
The Components of llongwill® Sensor Control Circuit: A. Base plate; B. Sensing and communication circuit (b1. Poto gate sensor; b2. Optical sensor; b3. Temperature sensor; b4. Sound sensor); C. Actuator circuit (c1. Fan; c2. Buzzer; c3. Bulb) D. Data cables (d1. Including Mini USB cable; d2. Sensor wire; d3. USB cable).
llongwill®Robot Modular V2.0
Composition of llongwill®Robot Modular: Controller (A),Sensors (B-H)—— tracking sensor (B), sound sensor (C), temperature sensor (D), light sensor (E), magnetic sensor (F), far-infrared sensor (G), trigger sensor (H). Actuators (I-L)——dummy lamp (I), actuator application extension module (J), traffic light(K), electromotor(L) Accessories (M-S)——front wheel bracket (M), rear wheel bracket (N), wheel (O), electromotor connecting wire (P), USB cable (Q), battery charger (R), Connecting wire for Bit Output Actuator (S).
llongwill®Logical Circuits
LW-6312 & LW-6338
At present there are two versions of llongwill®Logical Circuits:V2.0A& V2.0B, Corresponding serial numbers: Lw-6388, Lw-6312, of which, V2.0A is a full-functional version; V2.0B is a basic version.
llongwill®Digital Geographic Field Kit