Physics Lab Equipment
llongwill®Digital Photoelectric Track System
System Composition of llongwill® Digital Photoelectric Track: A. Digital Track; B. Carts; C. Scanner; D. Wireless Receiver; E. Charger and Spare Batteries; F. Fixed Legs; G. Fasteners; H. T-type Track Support; I. Cart Absorber; J. Magnetic End Stop; K. Pulley; L. Kibble with string; M. Springs; N. 5g Weight; O. Adjustable Inclination Unit (used with T-type Track Support); P. Magnetic Sheet (assembled on the cart); Q. 50g Weight.
llongwill®Multi-purpose Mechanical Track System V2.0
System Composition of llongwill® Multi-purpose Mechanical Track:A. Track, B. Carts (red, yellow), C. Fixed Leg, D. I-type Bracket (Aluminum), E. I-type Bracket (Plastic) , F. L-type Bracket, G. Friction Block, H. Track Inclination Adjuster, I. Magnetic End Stop, J. Pulley, K. Magnetic Sheet, L. 50g Weight Block, M. 5g Weight Block, N. Light Blocking Sheet in width of 20,40,60,80mm O. Springs,P. Fasteners, Q. T type Track Support, R. Elastic Metal Ring, S. Kibble with String,T. Cart Absorber,
llongwill®Centripetal Force Apparatus
Components of llongwill® Centripetal Force Apparatus: A. Main Frame, B. Base, C. Rotating Arm, D. Connecting Device (a bolt connected with the force sensor, a vertical rod and a horizontal rod), E. Weight , F. Light Blocking Rod, G. Fasten bolt: a bolt connected with the force sensor. 。
llongwill®Wireless Centripetal Force Apparatus