• Three cooperative parties of R & D Center
  • ·The Teaching and Research Section of Shanghai Education Commission
  • ·Shanghai Fenghua High School
  • ·Shandong Yuanda-llongwill Educational Science and Technology Ltd.
  • The foundation of R & D Center
  • ·Came into operation in April 2002
  • ·Formally established in February 12, 2003
  • Leadership organization of R & D Center
  • ·Director: Feng Rongshi
       Super-class Physics Teacher Super-class principal in Shanghai City Advanced worker of national education system Host of "Feng Rongshi" teacher base
  • ·Deputy Director: Lu Bohong (concurrent)
    Super-class Physics Teacher Deputy Director of the Teaching and Research Section of Shanghai Education Commission
  • ·Deputy Director: Li Ding (concurrent)
    Chairman and general manager of Shandong Yuanda-llongwill Educational Science and Technology Ltd.
Shanhai DIS R&D Center
Shanhai DIS R&D Center

In early 2002, Shanghai Education Commission has basically determined the essential train of thought of establishing specialized agencies, and independently researching and developing digital experimental equipment and accessory equipment required in the second Shanghai curriculum reform. In February 2003, the Research and Development Center of the DIS(Digital Information Syetem) of Primary and Secondary Schools of Shanghai (“DIS R&D Center” for short)with the above three sides as member units was formally established, and Mr. Feng Rongshi, the famous experimental teaching expert and the former principal of Fenghua Middle School, was appointed as the director of the center.

Since its establishment, including Shandong Yuanda, members of the DIS R&D Center have overcome a series of unimaginable difficulties through sincere cooperation and down-to-earth hard work and have independently developed the llongwill® Digital Information System Laboratory (“llongwill® DISLab” for short), whose technical level is in the leading position both at home and abroad. llongwill® DISLab has been successively compiled into such physical teaching materials as "Shanghai High School Physics Course Standards", Shanghai curriculum reform teaching materials and PEP national physical teaching materials, etc., and has become a national standard in the field of digital experimental teaching.

llongwill® DISLab consists of series of sensors, data loggers, experimental teaching software and a large quantity of experimental equipment. llongwill® DISLab has profound teaching basis, exquisite workmanship in product manufacturing, and excellent teaching services. After eight times of upgrading and several years of strict verification of the second cycle curriculum reform of 53 pilot schools of Shanghai Education Commission, llongwill®DISLab has been equipped in more than 5000 middle schools and higher normal colleges and universities, including approximately 2000 grouping laboratories. In July 2014, DIS project won the First Prize of the National Teaching Achievement.

The achievements of DIS R&D Center represent the unremitting pursuit of the progress of educational technology in Chinese educational field. Today, with the vigorous development of information technology, the DIS R&D Center will make more fruitful research achievements, serve China and go towards the world.